{MyBella Marketplace F.A.Q.'s}

Thank you for stopping into MyBella Marketplace, by MyBella LLC.  


If at any time you have a question or concern, please feel free to contact Liz Lollar by emailing MyBellaMarketplace@gmail.com  Weekends are all about family over here, so emails are usually answered within the week.  


{Production Time}

All leather/stamped orders take about 3 weeks to create. Please understand that awesomeness takes time. Every stamped and/or leather piece is made from start to finish, and work only begins after you order it. These are not mass produced by any means, but hand crafted & made to order for each customer.

There is a 24 hour hold on all orders, then materials are ordered on your behalf. After that time a full refund *may not* be available. Orders cancelled after the initial 24 hour hold will be subject to only a partial refund with respect to time and materials already invested.



{Rush Order Upgrades}                                                                                                          
All stamped/leather orders ship in about 3 weeks; email MyBellaMarketplace@gmail.com if you need to arrange for a Rush Order upgrade to have it sooner. Cost of the upgrade is determined by where it's going, and how fast it needs to get there.



{Shipping & Delivery}

....The Part That USPS Plays In The Game.
Orders are submitted to USPS after the above noted {Production Time}.

Once the USPS has your package:
Standard shipping for this shop is USPS Priority,
which the USPS estimates to take 2 to 3 business days within the US.

Outside the US, they estimate 7-10 business days to deliver.

Please Understand... 
Delivery times are determined by the USPS - not MyBella LLC - and are subject to their terms of use & service.
Sorry, I asked if I could be in charge, and they said no.


{Gift Wrap & Enclosure Cards}
Make your gift complete with gift wrap and/or a small, hand written enclosure card. 



{Custom Jewelry & Accessory Orders}

Custom is what it's all about! Every MyBella design can be purchased as seen, or used as a jumping off point to create the perfect piece suited just for you.

I personally hand cut and assemble all leathers. I also create each hand stamped metal piece with every letter, number & image as an individual hammer strike one impression at a time. Each leather and/or hand stamped piece is unique & slight variations are expected but are not seen as defective. If by chance your custom request lends to a variation of my original design, please note that the end product will not appear as seen in the listing.

Please note that leather and/or stamped pieces are not eligible for refund or return, when the order is filled per customer request.



{Jewelry & Accessory Size Information}

Each of my listings will include full details on sizes and lengths. Please be sure to double check this information before submitting your order.

Leather cuffs are standard 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inch fit using adjustable closures.

Necklaces are usually a 19 inch long chain, unless otherwise noted.

Custom lengths on any leather and chain are available, just drop me a line.



{Metal Care}

MyBella metals are not impervious to water, and will tarnish or damage with wear depending on the PH of the body, and the circumstances of daily conditions. In the shower, pool, prolonged sun exposure, contact with lotions & potions, professional stunt work, full body combat, etc... Such exposure can allow for the metals to diminish in appearance over time, and remove the oxidized lettering on stamped metals.

To freshen up your metals, I recommend using a superfine piece of steel wool on the surfaces. Re-oxidization (restoring the darkened detailing) and metal refinishing is available; fees are determined by consult that include a current image of the piece(s).



{Leather Care}

This wearable art may make you feel like a superhero that can withstand even the toughest of elements, but please remember it is after all, genuine leather. Exposure to water/moisture will shrink, warp, distort, and stain any and all leathers.

Feel free to go about your limbo skating, train surfing, slack lining, volcano boarding, and saving babies from burning shopping carts, but if it includes any water activities....leave the leathers at home. Any leathers showing excessive wear or exposure to elements are not eligible for exchange or complimentary repair.



{Leather Quality}

I hand pick my suppliers to ensure that only the safest, best quality leathers are used. Traditionally, they are American made and processed with only vegetable or water based dyes. Occasionally I'm able to acquire premium quality, Limited Edition imported leathers as well. In all cases, MyBella leathers are free of harmful pvc coatings with phthalates, chromium, lead, chemicals, dyes, harsh processors, and are perfectly safe for anyone, as they adhere to a high standard of treatment and production quality. Colors are represented as best possible, though they may differ a bit with monitor settings.

MyBella leathers are always of the highest quality, or I'd not put my name on it.



Again, if at any time you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact Liz by emailing MyBellaMarketplace@gmail.com Thank you again for stopping by!