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MyBella Marketplace - also known as MyBella by Liz Lollar - is a well established eCommerce business makin' it happen since 2009.  With well over 38,000 pieces of custom hand made jewelry & accessories rolling off my bench in that time, it's hard to classify me as a 'Small Business' but it is after all...just me.  

Okay, Mr. "MyBella" often helps out with sanding, but other than that it's a one-woman operation.  While I have images of most of my work, customer reviews are really what lend to the credibility of my product.

I'd love to create an experience that you'd also feel compelled to share on this page.  Feedback is always welcome; just contact Liz Lollar by emailing MyBellaMarketplace@gmail.com  

Comment/Review publications will always be anonymous unless otherwise expressed by the author. 

Thanks, all!   -- Liz









.....just a sample.  More to come.